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Rally complete by Arbor. Deck: 8.5" x 33.25". Gullwing 9" Charger trucks. Arbor 65mm, 78A wheels. Arbor Abec 5 bearings. Arbor hardware. Cork grip tape. Imported.
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Would this be a good board for a beginner?

I'm a beginner. I'm 5"1. I've only ever sat on a skateboard and pushed with my legs and hands or stood on one while someone held my hands and guided me. But I want to start riding on my own. Would this be a good starter for me? Thank you in advance. x
asked 2 years, 3 months ago
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Yes, the Arbor Skateboards Rally Complete would be a decent deck for starters and experienced riders alike. For beginners though, the 8.5" width is good for stability which helps during the learning phase. Some riders will prefer a narrower deck for trick riding. If you think you'll be working on tricks right from the start, then you may want a narrower deck. Otherwise the Arbor Skateboards Rally Complete will be good for beginners and those more into vert skating (using ramps, half pipes, & pools) or to just cruise around. Here is some more info that may help you...
Deck width should be based around your riding style, size, and personal preference: (dimension is the width of the deck)
So, first with the style:
7.5"-8"___standard deck for adult riders skating streets or doing more technical tricks
8.0"-8.25"___skating pools, ramps, and parks
8.25" and larger___vert, pools, cruising or 'old school' riding
Next by size:
Age 13 & older, taller than 5'3", shoe size 09.0 and bigger__use a Full Size deck, 7.5" & larger
Age 9-12yrs old, between 4'5"-5'2" tall, shoe size 7-8__use a Mid Size deck, 7.3"
Age 6-8 yrs old, between 3'5"-4'4", shoe size 4-6__use a Mini deck, 7.0"
Age 5yrs & younger, under 3'4", shoe size 3 and smaller__use a Micro deck, 6.5" to 4.75"
Personal preference: Concave
There are three types of concave, or 'dip', 'bowl', however you see it, to the deck___
Mellow....offers a more flat deck for flat-footed style skating (Baker, Flip, Zero)
Medium...a bit deeper 'bowl' than the mellow, yet not as deep as a steep concave (Girl, Chocolate, Alien Workshop, Almost)
Steep...edges of deck are turned up quite a bit so feet can really grip deck (Black Label, Element, Anti-Hero)
Please keep in mind I just threw some brands out there that seem to generalize in one concave, yet there are always exceptions.
Use the same width for the truck as the deck is, or slightly narrower if needed. You don't want the truck sticking out past the deck. The tightness of a skateboard truck can be adjusted using the Kingpin. A tighter truck will be more stiff and stable offering a feeling of better control or balance for some skaters. However, a looser truck will turn more easily. Most skaters will stick with a Mid Size, or standard truck, which is good for all around use, including street or park skating. A Mid truck uses 53-56mm wheels. Use a Low truck for extra stability when doing flip tricks, and also for smaller wheels, 50-53mm. And High trucks are great for 'cruising & carving' and are designed for large wheels, 56mm and bigger.
General rule for wheel size...smaller wheels are slower, bigger wheels are faster.
50-54mm- slower, but stable & good for trick riding and smaller riders
54-60mm- beginners of all sizes riding ramp, park, or street
60mm> longboards, 'old school' riding, used for speed & rougher surfaces
You'll hear the term 'Durometer', which is the hardness of the wheels. General rule; harder wheels are faster, softer wheels are slower but have better grip. Standard skateboard wheel has a durometer of 99a.
78a-87a= soft wheel good for rough surfaces, longboards or street boards that need a lot of grip
88a-95a= slightly harder & faster with a little less traction, but grip is still pretty good
96a-99a= good speed & grip...good wheel for beginners, street, ramp & park skating
100a< hardest, fastest with the least amount of grip
Other tidbits....
Bearings are the same size and will fit any wheel. Some bearings are really expensive and will probably provide the smoothest ride, yet this is a matter of personal preference.
Riser pads are used to prevent 'Wheel Bite', when the wheels actually hit the underside of the deck. Shock pads can also help keep hardware from vibrating loose. For the most part, the longer the deck and the larger the wheel, the more height is needed in the riser pad.
Hardware is a matter of choice. Just be sure to get long enough bolts, especially when using Riser Pads:
7/8" to 1" length- no riser
1" to 1 1/8" length- 1/8" riser pad
1 1/4" length- 1/4" riser pad
1 1/2" length- 1/2" riser pad
And, let's not forget the stuff to help keep you on the deck, griptape. Different manufacturers will have varied coarseness to their tape. The lower grit tape is more rough and will have the best traction, but will also tear up shoes quicker.
answered 2 years, 3 months ago
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