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390 Binding by Rome Snowboards. V-Rod Baseplate: A narrow footprint diagonally across the baseplate gives natural board flex and tweakability, while still delivering unmatched power to your edges. UnderWrap.2 Heel Hoop: Unmatched toe-to-heel power, without unwanted side-to-side stiffness. 390 Asym Highback: Lightweight, mid-flexing, anatomically correct support, contoured to the spine of your boot. ConFormist.2 Toe Strap: Low-profile over-the-toe or over-the-top strap placement; it’s your choice. Contour Ankle Strap: Cush, mid-level support with form-fitting gel for higher levels of tweak. SubBase-V Pad: Anti-vibration technology that enhances board feel. The Rome Customization Foundation: Highback Rotation; 9Times Ankle Strap Position; Adjustable Toe and Heel Ramps; 0-24 Degree Forward Lean. The Rome QuickTech Foundation: AutoStrap; QuickStrap.2 Technology; QuickLock Forward Lean. Imported.
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